At the heart of the Terrestrial Light system is the Skyometer sensor.  Skyometer is an advanced, hybrid photo-radiometer capable of measuring and predicting sky/weather influences on building automated systems that respond to sky-related environmental changes.

Roof mounted, the Skyometer measures and calculates many global, discreet and directional metrics related to the local environment that before required a multitude of specific instruments installed across the building's roof and façades.

• HDR sky capture
• Cloud direction, speed, opacity, brokenness, percent overcast
• Illumination (lux) – diffuse, global and direct
• Lumination (cd/m²) – directional, point and average sky brightness in any direction of the sky
• Irradiation (w/m²) – global, diffuse, direct and vertical insolation for any surface orientation
• Temperature / Humidity
• Actively conditioned housing





Click link below for example output from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's FLEXlab: